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IoT in agriculture: more precision, more production

One of the challenges that agriculture has to face is to respond to the constant growth of food requirements because of the increase in population (9 billion people are expected in 2050) taking into account the progressive reduction of soil and available resources, and the climate change which leads pestilence or drought.

In Puglia, in 2016, natural disasters have been responsible for the decline in Gross salable agricultural production (- 4.2%). Particularly hit was the harvest of table grapes (- 143 million euro) and olives (- 5,600,600 tons). Not only. The storms of September have spawned rot and mildew on grapes in Salento, generating nearly 50% of losses in some wineries.

One consequence of the bad weather in agriculture is the intensification of treatments to prevent fungal diseases, programmed on the basis of intuition or generic indications.
More treatments, more costs.
A study conducted by the Chamber of Agriculture of Bordeaux suggested how much the plant protection costs affect prices. This study revealed that the summer jobs (inclusive of treatments, manpower and equipment) account for 50%. In particular, the purchase of consumables per hectare is equal to 30% of total costs.

In agriculture support, today there is an innovative technology which  has been developed on the basis of the Internet of Things (IoT). Here, therefore, that in the field arrive wireless sensors able to detect, in the most reliable and in real time, the data of interest for the agricultural management. Moreover, wireless sensors communicate the data automatically to interconnected devices in order to generate predictions about the likelihood of infection or to operate other devices such as sprinklers or fertilizer spreaders.

The IoT (Internet of Things) has transformed agriculture in precision agriculture: IoT supplies a scientific basis can target treatments and interventions in the field, only WHERE and WHEN you need so you can save resources and have more respect for the environment.

An example of the great advantages obtained in the vineyard adopting the IoT (Internet of Things) is shown in this post.

The applications IoT (Internet of Things) in agriculture or in the vineyard can be endless. For example, it developed a wireless sensor system that indicates when fruits, cereals or vegetables have been harvested in the field. The data is communicated, in real time, to partners who are responsible for stocking or other working, improving the coordination of the supply chain and avoiding the goods damage.

The IoT (Internet of Things) is also the basis of those tools that allow you to sow in an “intelligent” way: the right spacing and correct depth, reducing the dispersion or concentration of the seeds.

For the vineyard, it was developed an IoT wireless sensor system, perfectly adaptable to any type of environment and requirement: the advanced monitoring system SAVE GRAPE. SAVE GRAPE is more of a weather station because it collects data, reworks them foreseeing the occurrence of dangerous conditions for the production and indicating when to perform the treatments.

A product of the SAVE GRAPE line which embeds the LoRa technology. By AURORAS.

The road to precision farming is clear: in order to support the great changes, we have to change the way of cultivating to have higher production, healthier, more sustainable and less costly.


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