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SAFE: the indoor solution for manufacturing


SAFE is a IWSAN (intelligent wireless sensor and actuators network) system which has the capability to monitor and automate several manufacturing processes. SAFE can constantly control environmental conditions such as: brightness, temperature, harmful and dangerous fumes and gases, fire, human and animal presence. The powerful automation engine makes it possible to drive different types of actuators: switches, motors, sirens, fumes extractors, air conditioners, doors, curtains.

Not only that, SAFE is a highly customizable system that can be realized according to the specific needs of the entrepreneur. In any productive environment, in fact, there are many factors to control according to which SAFE can be programmed and composed with wireless sensors targeted for DETECT – ALERT – RESOLVE.


The flexible and modular SAFE achitecture consists of different wireless sensors and actuators placed in strategic locations of the production unit that they constantly reveal critical conditions of interest. The data are sent to motor of automation which drives in real time connected actuators on the basis of verified rules.
Other wireless sensors and actuators can be added later without reprogramming the system: it’s enough to buy an accessory, to connect it to the SAFE network and it will be ready for use.


  • control
  • reduced costs
  • safety
  • energy efficiency
  • productivity
  • environmental protection
  • know-how


  • Machine Tool

monitoring system of the critical conditions of the plant such as
temperature, vibration and current absorption

Learn more about the SAFE kit telemetry.

  • Air quality monitoring

SAFE AIR QUALITY KIT by Auroras detects the values of pollution to protect the health of employees and the environment. To learn more, read here.

  • Other examples

SAFE is a smart system which makes it possible automatic processes on the basis of customizable conditions.

Light management

– (Working Hours = True) & (Human Presence = True): Result = Turn on all of the lights
– (Working Hours = True) & (Human Presence = False): Result = Turn on the downlights
– (Working Hours = False) & (Human Presence = False): Result = Turn off all of the lights

Presence management

– (Working Hours = True) & (Presence of Worker n 101 = True): Result = Enter location, date and time of worker’s entry into the database.
– (Working Hours = True) & (Presence of Worker n 101 = False): Result = Enter location, date and time of worker’s exit into the database.
– (Working Hours = False) & (Presence of Worker n 101 = True): Result = (Send a sms alert “Worker presence out of the working hours”) & (Enter location, date and time of worker’s entry into the database).

A multitude of processes can be automated such as: energy saving, the health of workers, organization, logistics, safety, fire protection, process monitoring. The system can drive software and hardware, enter data into the database, send email and sms alert.


The range of wireless sensors is considerable and is constantly being expanded. The most sold sensors are:
clude biometric sensors, color detection and more.


The actuators make it possible to carry the transactions out via hardware and via software, to drive servo motors, lights and audible warning devices.



SAFE is a system of hardware and software tools, which communicate, interact and act on the basis of customizable rules.

  • Modular
    sensors and actuators are integrated according to individual needs. It is custom-realized.
  • Plug&play
    ready for installation and operation.
  • Always innovative
    we choose only the latest technology (for the benefit of precision, practicality, functionality)..
  • Competitive
    possibility to choose the best technology at the most competitive price.
  • Flexible
    the applications are endless for any industries.


Click Here to Download SAFE pdf white paper

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