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SAVE GRAPE, the monitoring IoT system for the vineyards: an application example

PREMISE 1 – SAVE GRAPE is our Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring system for the vineyard. 2 – Internet of Things (IoT) means that devices in a single system communicate with each other automatically, in a smart way. Without any manual intervention, the system detects data, processes […]

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IoT for Smart Farming: from wireless sensors to robots

It’s a fact: a new Green Revolution has begun in agriculture. Objective: to have more and more detailed and constant information from the field (know the soil moisture, the amount of nutrients present, etc.) to target the grower’s interventions, as well as strengthen control and saving on […]

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Big Data in agriculture: what they are and why they are useful

Big Data is the term for the large amount of data collected continuously and in real time by instruments specially made. Big Data, in fact, has exploded with the Internet of Things (IoT), the systems composed of devices that act automatically based on preset rules and that […]

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Against downy mildew, our key word: innovate.

In the Land of Prosecco, which produces the wine that helped to raise awareness of the Venetian excellence in the world, downy mildew is a problem that in recent years has also caused losses of 10/15% of the production. Today a real help to fight fungal diseases […]

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IoT and wireless sensors in the vineyard: application in the “Land of Prosecco”

save, the proactive solution for vineyard

For “VitiOviTec”,  a farm located in  Fregona, in the so-called “land of Prosecco”, AURORAS has designed and installed the SAVE GRAPE advanced monitoring system of the vineyard in partnership with LINEACOM. CUSTOMER REQUESTS The specific requests of the customer in this case are: – fight the danger […]

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Vertical farms: the future of agriculture

The trend to build vertical farms is increasing across the planet because these farms are able to guarantee a future for the world’s growing population. Since the publication of our first articles (here and here), many new projects have been realized, even bigger, even more advanced by […]

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IoT in agriculture: more precision, more production

One of the challenges that agriculture has to face is to respond to the constant growth of food requirements because of the increase in population (9 billion people are expected in 2050) taking into account the progressive reduction of soil and available resources, and the climate change […]

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LoRaWAN: the network protocol for IoT

The era of the Internet of Things has come and the revolution is starting also in agriculture. New transmission protocols support IoT technology in order to make it effective and reliable even over long distances. This is why LoRaWAN, a media access control (MAC) protocol for wide area […]

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IoT for art: sensors for the Super Violin of Cremona (Italy)

With AURORAS, even the violin has become Smart! In Cremona, the city of legendary luthiers such as Stradivari and Guarneri, sensors and technology IoT (Internet of Things) have helped to make it even more special the work of art of the architect Giorgio Palù inaugurated in early […]

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More healthy grapes with SAVE GRAPE: the power of IoT

In the lovely Italian countryside, near Reggio Emilia (less than 10 miles from Maranello,  principal office of the Ferrari cars maker), there is a wine-producing farm, named Tenuta Santa Scolastica (partner of the association “Cantina Sociale di Puianello e Coviolo”),  which is led by an enlightened wine-grower: […]

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