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IoT for Smart Farming: from wireless sensors to robots

It’s a fact: a new Green Revolution has begun in agriculture. Objective: to have more and more detailed and constant information from the field (know the soil moisture, the amount of nutrients present, etc.) to target the grower’s interventions, as well as strengthen control and saving on […]

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Big Data in agriculture: what they are and why they are useful

Big Data is the term for the large amount of data collected continuously and in real time by instruments specially made. Big Data, in fact, has exploded with the Internet of Things (IoT), the systems composed of devices that act automatically based on preset rules and that […]

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EC wireless sensor: more production and higher quality in agriculture

The wireless sensor EC (electrical conductivity) is an IoT device (Internet of Things) and is used in agriculture and hydroponic greenhouses for the control of fertigation solutions in order to measure the amount and solubility of the dissolved salts, and balance their quantity. This tool is very […]

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Wireless sensors to fight downy mildew in the vineyard

Because of a rainy and cold spring and beginning of summer, the downy mildew attacks have been strong in Bordeaux and other regions in France, in Veneto (Italy) and in other European countries. Where have not been done in a timely manner the necessary phytosanitary treatment, the […]

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GREENHOUSE “WITH SOIL” or “SOILLESS”: common features and differences

Firstly, in all the greenhouses, the production cycles are higher than the ones in the open field for number and yield. This achievement is now possible thanks to the adoption of precision agriculture tools that allow precise control of the microclimate (another common characteristic) and rational management […]

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Vertical Farms: why, how and where

The Vertical Farms are revolutionizing the agriculture since they offer great urban centers: a large supply of fresh vegetables with a low environmental impact a supply zero km with road traffic savings and Pollution an organic product an alternative to the intensive exploitation of the land. How […]

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SAVE, the IoT monitoring system for the vineayards: benefits and case history

fasi fenologiche della vite

THE PROBLEMS IN THE VINEYARD Problem (P) and Consequence (C)   1 – P: Data and real-time feedback C: Old fashioned approach to problems   2 – P: Pathogen Forecasts C: Expensive Treatments   3 – P: Timeliness C: Increased damage from pathogens   4 – P: […]

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From Expo 2015: the soilless greenhouses

There is a “green thread” that connects the Expo pavilions of some Western countries with those of Eastern countries: the presence of greenhouses for the soilless organic growing. This type of greenhouses are highly sustainable because they ensure: saving of natural resources and of fertilizers, a larger […]

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Infographic: global grape and wine production in 2014

Waiting for the new harvest, we summarize the 2014 data concerning the situation of vitiviniculture around the world. Link to this post (Condividi questo post)

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Smart Agriculture: the Vertical Farm and the Auroras IoT systems

THE VERTICAL FARM Which stage could be if not the Expo, to present to the world a project according to the concepts of smart agriculture, now increasingly needed to cope with the increasing demand for vegetables and reduce intensive exploitation of land and resources. We are talking […]

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