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Against downy mildew, our key word: innovate.

In the Land of Prosecco, which produces the wine that helped to raise awareness of the Venetian excellence in the world, downy mildew is a problem that in recent years has also caused losses of 10/15% of the production. Today a real help to fight fungal diseases […]

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Wireless sensors to fight downy mildew in the vineyard

Because of a rainy and cold spring and beginning of summer, the downy mildew attacks have been strong in Bordeaux and other regions in France, in Veneto (Italy) and in other European countries. Where have not been done in a timely manner the necessary phytosanitary treatment, the […]

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Leaf wetness wireless sensor: IoT in the field

Premise In support of agriculture, today’s technology offers “Internet of Things” tools (IoT): wireless sensors that detect the micro-climatic conditions directly in the field, in order to intervene with plant protection treatments and targeted operations, when they are more useful for cultivation, with cost savings, resources and […]

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SAVE for the vineyard is more than a weather station

SAVE is the advanced vineyard monitoring system, made by Auroras for precision farming. SAVE responds more fully to the needs of the grower because it allows him to control the micro-climatic conditions in real-time vineyard;but especially anticipates the likely event of fungal diseases (downy mildew, powdery mildew […]

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SAVE, the IoT monitoring system for the vineayards: benefits and case history

fasi fenologiche della vite

THE PROBLEMS IN THE VINEYARD Problem (P) and Consequence (C)   1 – P: Data and real-time feedback C: Old fashioned approach to problems   2 – P: Pathogen Forecasts C: Expensive Treatments   3 – P: Timeliness C: Increased damage from pathogens   4 – P: […]

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SAVE: the fight against downy mildew

save for vineyard

There is an ally in the treatment of downy mildew: SAVE. SAVE is an advanced monitoring system of the environmental and physio-patological conditions of the vineyard. Its purpose is to prevent and report the onset of the patology on the basis of the agrometeorological data and reliable […]

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