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Landslides: a monitoring solution with modules LoRa

After testing the range of transmission of LoRa modules, AURORAS has identified two possible uses in the monitoring of landslides in non flat areas. Types of landslides The landslides differ from each other depending on: types and causes of motion; duration and repetition of the movement; type […]

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Wireless Sensors Network: test of LoRa module

In view of a usage in long distance sensor networks, AURORAS has tested the range of transmission of modules with technology LoRa. The test took place in the open field using two modules, one configured as a transmitter and the other as a receiver connected via serial […]

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Rete sensori wireless: test dei MODULI LoRa

In previsione di un utilizzo in reti di sensori a lunga distanza, AURORAS ha testato il range di trasmissione di moduli con tecnologia LoRa. Il test è avvenuto in campo aperto utilizzando 2 moduli, configurati uno come trasmettitore e l’altro come ricevitore collegato tramite porta seriale ad […]

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