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Sun and sea: the sensor that protects you.

Sun, sea… and we immediately want to tan. Be careful: you have to protect your skin from the dangers resulting from high exposure to sunlight. Auroras provides a tailor made system for beach resorts that it can be implemented with other sensors in order to measure the […]

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Have you left the entrance door open?

You are at work when a doubt assails you: “Did I shut the entrance door?” Your wife or husband are at work they too. Your neighbours are on holiday. Nobody can check the door. What an anxiety! THE SOLUTION Auroras helps you to live better thanks to […]

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The certifications assure products and plants in order to protect the workers, the consumers and the company. MADE IN EUROPE The ATEX certification (Atmosphères et Explosibles) regulates the areas with potentially explosive atmospheres on the basis of 2 European directives: – for the manufacturers of equipment and […]

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Manufacturing safety: do you fear the presence of gases in the manufacturing plant?

In the manufacturing plant, if you fear that a machine tools produces dangerous gases, you should detect the air quality in order to protect the workers’ health, reduce the emissions and respect the workplace safety legislation. THE SOLUTION Auroras’ wireless gas sensors are designed for the continuous […]

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Wireless Door & Windows Sensors: smart security for a smart home.

wireless sensor

Home sweet home. It’s true especially when the security is guaranteed. The home is the nest where you love to come back. It’s your own part of the world: you close the door and everything else stays outside. But to make sure the door is fully closed, […]

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Wireless level sensor: multiple applications.

The level sensors are versatile and suitable for different steps of manufacturing process. They measure liquids,oil, slurries, granular materials and powders both in and in agriculture. They have very wide applications. For example: – Oil and gas. The level sensors are used to monitor the tank and […]

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Temperature sensor: the temperature via wireless.

Research and Market has announced that global IWSN market will continue to constantly grow from $401.23 million in 2013 to $944.92 million by 2020. In particular, the wireless temperature sensor is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 13.42%. (Source: Research and Market) Why? The wireless temperature […]

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Flood and water level sensor: the wireless control over the water

River basin, coastal areas or also your home. Here the water can be dangerous without control. Global warming is responsible the rise of floodings in most parts of the world. The high frequency and intensity of precipitation events cause economic losses (flooded fields and factories) and a […]

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Motion detector and vibration sensor: the safety is wireless.

Protecting your home or other spaces from any intrusion is easier thanks to wireless sensors. There are special devices which are able to reveal every variation in the space for the presence or the motion of object/subject. We are talking about motion detectors and vibration sensors. The […]

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Your data: a private matter.

secured data by Auroras Wireless Sensors

Wireless Sensors and Wearable devices – such as smart glasses and watches – support job, sport or new experiences. Environmental or traffic wireless sensors improve the quality of life in the cities. Apps contribute to mobile dominance in daily life. The “Internet of Things” era has begun […]

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