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SAVE: the proactive monitoring system for the vineyard

SAVE GRAPE is an advanced monitoring system (equipped with wireless sensors) of the environmental and pathos-physiological conditions of the vineyard. The SAVE GRAPE wireless sensors make it possible to constantly monitor the real-time conditions of the vineyard.  They take a cultivation picture in order to prevent grape diseases. The micro meteorological data, collected through the sensors are stored in order to allow Long-Term Analysis for business management improvement.

SAVE GRAPE is a flexible and modular monitoring system and comprises a set of wireless sensors installed on the field. These sensors constantly measure the micro climate conditions of the vineyard and they send the data to a gateway which, in turn, forwards them to the Auroras Services Center without manual activity.
The photo-voltaic panel, which powers SAVE GRAPE, and the data transmission via GSM/GPRS/3G allow the system to work self-sufficiently and autonomously.
All the data collected from the vineyard and transmitted to Auroras Services Center, can be consulted in real time from any Internet-connected computer, tablet or smart-phone, thanks to a simple and intuitive web-based graphical interface and diagrams, maps, reports and alerts (sms, email).
The monitoring system, through wireless sensors, sends alerts on the occurrence of prospective grape diseases.



Data are transmitted from the multi-sensor group to Auroras Services Centre where they are collected and protected in a database. Later they are processed by the monitoring system.
SAVE displays all the data in a clear and interactive way through control panels, reports and diagrams.
The monitoring system SAVE is able to automate the alert sending by sms and emails on the occurrence of planned events or prospective grape diseases.
SAVE allows the vine grower to monitor his vineyard from his computer, tablet or smart-phone and to deliver actions based both on the experience and the scientific parameters provided by the wireless sensors.

Data collection and processing allow to plan the intervention times according to predictive models of grape diseases (for example: downy mildew and powdery mildew) and to support the decision-making.
The principal purpose of the monitoring system SAVE GRAPE is to cut down on the intensive use of phyto-sanitary treatments and to contain the environmental and health risk.
SAVE GRAPE allows the grape growers to plan the best management strategy in order to improve the quality of production processes.

The data, collected on the field by wireless sensors, provide accurate information which allows:
to estimate the probability of incubation and development of grape diseases such as downy mildew, powdery mildew and botrytis, in the different areas of the vineyard.
to create predictive models depending on the phenological phases of the grapevine. These models are very reliable thanks to exact data collected in the vineyard.
to monitor microclimatic conditions. The high-accuracy measurement of temperature and humidity together with prediction models allow, for example, to evaluate the frost risk. The night frost prediction model estimates, in the afternoon, the probability that the event will occur.
to monitor irrigation and soil moisture at different depths.
to monitor and to manage servo motors such as protection nets, sunscreen.


The wireless sensors are located on the field where they constantly collect data concerning the micro climate conditions of the vineyard. They measure temperature, air relative humidity, soil moisture, wind, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, light intensity, dew point, leaf wetness, diametric growth, ph and conductive soil.

The wireless sensors available:

Thermo-hygrometer, integrated sensor which measures temperature, air humidity and dew point. It’s recommended in calculating the evapotranspiration, the dew point, the soil and climate criteria and for predicting frosts. It’s useful in signaling heat stroke and pathogens development.

Soil moisture sensor calculates the volumetric water content of soil according to the dialetric constant  measurement. The sensor allows to control the water content of soil in order to optimize irrigation and treatments as well as to support agronomic studies.

Diametric growth sensor controls the plant health and physiology in addition to periods of hydric stress.

Leaf wetness sensor reveals the bathing on the lower and upper side of a leaf in order to verify and monitor the fungal diseases. A well-timed intervention can limit damage.

Tensiometer measures the effort of the roots to extract water from the soil. It’s useful to optimize irrigation and treatments.

Weather station includes an anemometer, a barometer, a thermo-hygrometer and a rain gauge in order to reveal wind, atmospheric pressure, temperature, relative humidity, dew point, frost and rainfall. It’s useful to optimize irrigation and treatments.

Luximeter reveals illumination. It’s useful for agronomic studies.

EC measures conductive soil. It’s useful to optimize treatments and agronomic studies.

Solar radiation measures the radiation intensity which affect atmospheric temperature, soil temperature and, indirectly, humidity.

UV sensor reveals UV rays which affect the plant growth and the control of pathogens.

Auroras chooses the best probes on the market and implements them in its own solution to offer the best price / performance ratio.

The continuous search for innovation has led to the creation of WEATHER STATION LoRa / LoRaWAN. It embeds the LoRa/LoRaWAN transmission technology, suitable to long range data transmission (as tested by AURORAS)

For more information about the SAVE GRAPE produtct, read our case history here and here.

Read this interesting case history about Land Of Prosecco: find out another example of how SAVE GRAPE works and learn more about LoRa technology.

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