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Organic farming: what are the benefits.

43 million hectares of organic farming in the world two million organic producers in 2013 global organic market at $ 80 billion increased fivefold in the last 15 years These are the numbers of organics in the world (source: FiBL) The road is traced: the gradual conversion […]

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EC wireless sensor: more production and higher quality in agriculture

The wireless sensor EC (electrical conductivity) is an IoT device (Internet of Things) and is used in agriculture and hydroponic greenhouses for the control of fertigation solutions in order to measure the amount and solubility of the dissolved salts, and balance their quantity. This tool is very […]

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AURORAS speaks to URBAN AG NEWS: The IoT for a smart urban farm

AURORAS –  Italian start up specialized in IoT (internet of Things) – was interviewed by the online magazine URBAN AG NEWS, valuable for anyone who wants to learn about the latest technology to support more sustainable and profitable agriculture. At the link below, you will find a […]

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Wireless sensors to fight downy mildew in the vineyard

Because of a rainy and cold spring and beginning of summer, the downy mildew attacks have been strong in Bordeaux and other regions in France, in Veneto (Italy) and in other European countries. Where have not been done in a timely manner the necessary phytosanitary treatment, the […]

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Leaf wetness wireless sensor: IoT in the field

Premise In support of agriculture, today’s technology offers “Internet of Things” tools (IoT): wireless sensors that detect the micro-climatic conditions directly in the field, in order to intervene with plant protection treatments and targeted operations, when they are more useful for cultivation, with cost savings, resources and […]

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URBAN AG NEWS interviews AURORAS: IoT for a better agriculture

AURORAS arrived in USA. Jim Pantaleo of Urban Ag News interviewed Paolo Marenghi, CEO of AURORAS, about integrating IoT (Internet of Things) in Agriculture for a better world and future. URBAN AG NEWS is “an educator providing content” which is” focused on providing innovative and educational content […]

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GREENHOUSE “WITH SOIL” or “SOILLESS”: common features and differences

Firstly, in all the greenhouses, the production cycles are higher than the ones in the open field for number and yield. This achievement is now possible thanks to the adoption of precision agriculture tools that allow precise control of the microclimate (another common characteristic) and rational management […]

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Vertical Farms: why, how and where

The Vertical Farms are revolutionizing the agriculture since they offer great urban centers: a large supply of fresh vegetables with a low environmental impact a supply zero km with road traffic savings and Pollution an organic product an alternative to the intensive exploitation of the land. How […]

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SAVE for the vineyard is more than a weather station

SAVE is the advanced vineyard monitoring system, made by Auroras for precision farming. SAVE responds more fully to the needs of the grower because it allows him to control the micro-climatic conditions in real-time vineyard;but especially anticipates the likely event of fungal diseases (downy mildew, powdery mildew […]

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Soil Moisture Sensor: Types and technology

soil triangle

With all the different types of Soil Moisture Sensors and measurement techniques and the different technologies that they employ, choosing the right one can be a confusing and time consuming process. Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) Sensors Soil Moisture Sensors that use the Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) function […]

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