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IoT for art: sensors for the Super Violin of Cremona (Italy)

With AURORAS, even the violin has become Smart! In Cremona, the city of legendary luthiers such as Stradivari and Guarneri, sensors and technology IoT (Internet of Things) have helped to make it even more special the work of art of the architect Giorgio Palù inaugurated in early […]

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Wireless Proximity Sensor: applications and benefits

In industry, the control of processes is important in order to guarantee safety and efficiency. Monitoring the objects that run at very high speeds or checking the correct functioning of the entire assembly line means being able to intervene promptly in case of need, saving costs and […]

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IoT, sensors and etc: the trend in 2016 for companies.

The year 2016 will be a year of the digital transformation for many companies. The need to be competitive has inspired a different strategy that involves more than just cuts: today to reduce costs and maintain the quality of the product the company must INNOVATE. What are […]

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SAFE: the 5 steps to become Industry 4.0

SAFE is an “Internet Wireless Sensors and Actuators Network” system for monitoring the different processes in the manufacturing sector and for improving the industrial automation. Its modular architecture can be applied for an infinite range of solutions and activities such as the control of the current absorption, […]

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INDUSTRY 4.0: The fourth industrial revolution

The fourth industrial revolution. This is Industry 4.0, a term coined in Germany and that means the advent of the Internet in industrial processes. The present scenario that saw Europe lose 10% of the world market in favour of emerging areas such as South Korea, China, Russia, […]

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SAFE Energy Monitoring & Efficiency Service

The Auroras’ Energy Monitoring & Efficiency is a complete service for control your energy consumption. We will walk through your facility and will develop a report concerning energy systems, potential opportunities to save energy, and potential rebates and incentives available in your area. To facilitate the task, we […]

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