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Digital innovation in greenhouses: successful agriculture

Technology is revolutionizing the greenhouse cultivation system, improving management. Important goals: reduce consumption and save money, produce more and faster, improve food quality and safety, environmental sustainability. 1 – control of the microclimate and environmental parameters In the greenhouse, the microclimate allows you to produce vegetables or […]

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IoT and sustainability: how sensors support the circular economy

How to reduce waste of resources? Circular economy is a response. It was created to optimize resources and encourage the recycling of waste, as opposed to linear economy. In this traditional model, in fact, the asset is transformed, used and then thrown away with continuous production of […]

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Internet of Things in Agriculture: How Countries Support Smart Farming

The future of agriculture passes through the Internet Of Things (IoT) and many Countries have already understood it. IoT’s technology with advanced monitoring systems and wireless sensor networks improves product and field management, boosts productivity, reduces costs and safeguardes the ground and the environment. All this thanks […]

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Internet of Things and Sensors in Agriculture: What Problems Resolve

New Technologies of Internet of Things (IoT) are deeply changing agriculture. They allow you to know precisely and in real time which problem arises in the field They allow rapid and effective intervention and therefore a prompt solution to the problem They save your money and resources […]

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Smart farming: the IoT revolution and other trends

More production. More attention to the environment. Saving resources. More skills. These are the goals of the current revolution in agriculture. A change that has just begun but that, according to Boston Group Consulting, a global consulting firm, will take hold by transforming the farming by 2030 […]

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SAVE GRAPE, the monitoring IoT system for the vineyards: an application example

PREMISE 1 – SAVE GRAPE is our Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring system for the vineyard. 2 – Internet of Things (IoT) means that devices in a single system communicate with each other automatically, in a smart way. Without any manual intervention, the system detects data, processes […]

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IoT for Smart Farming: from wireless sensors to robots

It’s a fact: a new Green Revolution has begun in agriculture. Objective: to have more and more detailed and constant information from the field (know the soil moisture, the amount of nutrients present, etc.) to target the grower’s interventions, as well as strengthen control and saving on […]

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Big Data in agriculture: what they are and why they are useful

Big Data is the term for the large amount of data collected continuously and in real time by instruments specially made. Big Data, in fact, has exploded with the Internet of Things (IoT), the systems composed of devices that act automatically based on preset rules and that […]

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Vertical farms: the future of agriculture

The trend to build vertical farms is increasing across the planet because these farms are able to guarantee a future for the world’s growing population. Since the publication of our first articles (here and here), many new projects have been realized, even bigger, even more advanced by […]

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IoT in agriculture: more precision, more production

One of the challenges that agriculture has to face is to respond to the constant growth of food requirements because of the increase in population (9 billion people are expected in 2050) taking into account the progressive reduction of soil and available resources, and the climate change […]

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