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Soil Moisture Sensor: Types and technology

soil triangle

With all the different types of Soil Moisture Sensors and measurement techniques and the different technologies that they employ, choosing the right one can be a confusing and time consuming process. Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) Sensors Soil Moisture Sensors that use the Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) function […]

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Fertigation in greenhouses: case history with wireless sensors and IoT

In the greenhouse, watering and fertilizing are essential activities. Today you can perform them automatically, when needed and in the right amount. Auroras designs the automatized fertigation via wireless sensors that act based on custom rules, dependent on the type of crop, conduction and, in general, the […]

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Wireless sensors in the field: when the agriculture becomes smart farming

Less waste, more efficiency. In agriculture, this is a real possibility: just use the right tools such as wireless sensors. The wireless sensors are part of IoT (Internet of Things): technology that measures and detects data of interest with extreme reliability, then transmits them and, if necessary, […]

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Vertical Farm and mini greenhouses: the IoT to cultivate in the city

From the United States to Japan via Europe, the world is preparing for the population explosion that in 2050, according to latest estimates, will reach nearly 10 billion people. What is the biggest challenge? Produce enough food. As? With the IoT (Internet of Things), and its interconnected […]

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Wireless Proximity Sensor: applications and benefits

In industry, the control of processes is important in order to guarantee safety and efficiency. Monitoring the objects that run at very high speeds or checking the correct functioning of the entire assembly line means being able to intervene promptly in case of need, saving costs and […]

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Level Sensors: operation and applications

The level sensors provide measures concerning the content of tanks, silos, boilers, tanks, wells blacks and other container of liquid and solid material. The sectors in which they can be used are so varied, although we note a large spread in the food industry and in those […]

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IoT, sensors and etc: the trend in 2016 for companies.

The year 2016 will be a year of the digital transformation for many companies. The need to be competitive has inspired a different strategy that involves more than just cuts: today to reduce costs and maintain the quality of the product the company must INNOVATE. What are […]

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SAVE, the IoT monitoring system for the vineayards: benefits and case history

fasi fenologiche della vite

THE PROBLEMS IN THE VINEYARD Problem (P) and Consequence (C)   1 – P: Data and real-time feedback C: Old fashioned approach to problems   2 – P: Pathogen Forecasts C: Expensive Treatments   3 – P: Timeliness C: Increased damage from pathogens   4 – P: […]

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Sensori di livello: funzionamento e applicazioni

I sensori di livello forniscono misure relative al contenuto di serbatoi, silos, caldaie, vasche, pozzi neri e qualsiasi altro contenitore di materiale liquido e solido. I settori in cui possono essere utilizzati sono quindi svariati, anche se si segnala una grande diffusione nell’industria alimentare come pastifici e […]

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Wireless motion sensors: applications and benefits

The control and supervision of domestic buildings and companies is important to ensure security and defense: no one wants to suffer theft and intrusions in the place where he/she lives or works. To prevent unpleasant incidents and report the presence of strangers a method can be adopted […]

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