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INDUSTRY 4.0: The fourth industrial revolution

The fourth industrial revolution. This is Industry 4.0, a term coined in Germany and that means the advent of the Internet in industrial processes. The present scenario that saw Europe lose 10% of the world market in favour of emerging areas such as South Korea, China, Russia, […]

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TOMATO BLIGHT: life cycle and prevention

The late blight of tomato can affect the plant in the field or in a controlled environment causing the worsening of the quantity and quality of the production. In the case of unusually wet and rainy seasons, the disease may become epidemic and cause the loss of […]

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GREENHOUSE CULTIVATION: problems and solutions

The greenhouse cultivation is constantly changing: new technologies are designed to improve crop yields and solve problems that occur commonly in controlled environments, resulting in increased costs and hours of work required. PROBLEMS The greenhouse is an enclosed space with its own microclimate that it allows to […]

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ORGANIC WINE: increasing consumption and production in Italy

In Italy, the organic wine sales are today significant, thanks to the growing consumer attention to welfare, environmental sustainability and quality. A survey of Wine Monitor revealed that 84% of respondents consider the wine made from organic grapes healthier because with less pesticides, less sulfites and subject […]

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The climate change is producing effects in the vineyard. The average temperature increase is causing an early ripening and, according to some studies, early infections such as those fungicides. All this has made more difficult the work of the vinemaker: the experience gained over the years in […]

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SAFE Energy Monitoring & Efficiency Service

The Auroras’ Energy Monitoring & Efficiency is a complete service for control your energy consumption. We will walk through your facility and will develop a report concerning energy systems, potential opportunities to save energy, and potential rebates and incentives available in your area. To facilitate the task, we […]

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