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SAVE, the IoT monitoring system for the vineayards: benefits and case history

fasi fenologiche della vite

THE PROBLEMS IN THE VINEYARD Problem (P) and Consequence (C)   1 – P: Data and real-time feedback C: Old fashioned approach to problems   2 – P: Pathogen Forecasts C: Expensive Treatments   3 – P: Timeliness C: Increased damage from pathogens   4 – P: […]

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SAVE: the fight against downy mildew

save for vineyard

There is an ally in the treatment of downy mildew: SAVE. SAVE is an advanced monitoring system of the environmental and physio-patological conditions of the vineyard. Its purpose is to prevent and report the onset of the patology on the basis of the agrometeorological data and reliable […]

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SAVE: the proactive monitoring system for the vineyard

save, the proactive solution for vineyard

SAVE GRAPE is an advanced monitoring system (equipped with wireless sensors) of the environmental and pathos-physiological conditions of the vineyard. The SAVE GRAPE wireless sensors make it possible to constantly monitor the real-time conditions of the vineyard.  They take a cultivation picture in order to prevent grape […]

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