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More healthy grapes with SAVE GRAPE: the power of IoT

In the lovely Italian countryside, near Reggio Emilia (less than 10 miles from Maranello,  principal office of the Ferrari cars maker), there is a wine-producing farm, named Tenuta Santa Scolastica (partner of the association “Cantina Sociale di Puianello e Coviolo”),  which is led by an enlightened wine-grower: […]

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Wireless motion sensors: applications and benefits

The control and supervision of domestic buildings and companies is important to ensure security and defense: no one wants to suffer theft and intrusions in the place where he/she lives or works. To prevent unpleasant incidents and report the presence of strangers a method can be adopted […]

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Wireless Sensor Networks: Why adopt it?

wireless sensor

Wireless sensor networks represent an innovative technology for measurement and control applications. The deletion of lead wires provides high cost savings and  an improved reliability for many long term monitoring applications. Wireless Sensor Networks Wireless sensor networks enable new capabilities for measurement and control applications. The reason […]

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SAVE: the fight against downy mildew

save for vineyard

There is an ally in the treatment of downy mildew: SAVE. SAVE is an advanced monitoring system of the environmental and physio-patological conditions of the vineyard. Its purpose is to prevent and report the onset of the patology on the basis of the agrometeorological data and reliable […]

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SAVE: the proactive monitoring system for the vineyard

save, the proactive solution for vineyard

SAVE GRAPE is an advanced monitoring system (equipped with wireless sensors) of the environmental and pathos-physiological conditions of the vineyard. The SAVE GRAPE wireless sensors make it possible to constantly monitor the real-time conditions of the vineyard.  They take a cultivation picture in order to prevent grape […]

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