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GFIA: Innovation in agriculture

Auroras s.r.l. will be present at the GFIA (Global Forum for Innovation in Agriculture) in Abu Dhabi on 1 and 2 April 2019.

ABU DHABI | UAE | 2019 April 1-2

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre
Opening hours:
Mon April 1: 10.00 – 18.00
Tue April 2: 10.00 – 16.00

  • Landslides: a monitoring solution with modules LoRa
    Landslides: a monitoring solution with modules LoRa
    After testing the range of transmission of LoRa modules, AURORAS has identified two...
  • Wireless Sensors Network: test of LoRa module
    Wireless Sensors Network: test of LoRa module
    In view of a usage in long distance sensor networks, AURORAS has tested...
  • wireless sensor
    Wireless Sensor Networks: Why adopt it?
    Wireless sensor networks represent an innovative technology for measurement and control applications. The...
  • temperature_extension_controller_safe
    Temperature: Wireless Sensor for temperature
    The Auroras Wireless Temperature Sensor AU03-10T0B measures the temperature in a range between -55°C...
  • not_invasive_Current Absortion Sensor
    Current: Wireless Sensor for Current Absorption
    The Auroras Wireless Current Absorption Sensor AU03-60A8E measures the current absorption up to...
  • Auroras AU03-55C8G (wireless vibration sensor)
    Vibration: wireless sensor for vibration monitoring
    The Auroras Wireless Vibration Sensor AU03-55C8G measures the mechanical vibration of the machine...
  • auroras gas wireless sensor
    Gas Sensor: Wireless Sensor for Gas Detection
    Auroras’ wireless gas sensors are designed for the continuous monitoring of toxic and...