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Smart farming: the IoT revolution and other trends

More production. More attention to the environment. Saving resources. More skills. These are the goals of the current revolution in agriculture. A change that has just begun but that, according to Boston Group Consulting, a global consulting firm, will take hold by transforming the farming by 2030 […]

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Vineyards under control even over long distances

Paolo Marenghi, CEO of AURORAS, was interviewed by Barbara Righini for AgroNotizie, an important on-line magazine about agricultural news. We propose you the translation in order to share an interesting article. —————————————————————————————————————————————– VINEYARDS UNDER CONTROL EVEN OVER LONG DISTANCES Monitoring vineyards on several plots, even distant or […]

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EC wireless sensor: more production and higher quality in agriculture

The wireless sensor EC (electrical conductivity) is an IoT device (Internet of Things) and is used in agriculture and hydroponic greenhouses for the control of fertigation solutions in order to measure the amount and solubility of the dissolved salts, and balance their quantity. This tool is very […]

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AURORAS speaks to URBAN AG NEWS: The IoT for a smart urban farm

AURORAS –  Italian start up specialized in IoT (internet of Things) – was interviewed by the online magazine URBAN AG NEWS, valuable for anyone who wants to learn about the latest technology to support more sustainable and profitable agriculture. At the link below, you will find a […]

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GREENHOUSE “WITH SOIL” or “SOILLESS”: common features and differences

Firstly, in all the greenhouses, the production cycles are higher than the ones in the open field for number and yield. This achievement is now possible thanks to the adoption of precision agriculture tools that allow precise control of the microclimate (another common characteristic) and rational management […]

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Current: Wireless Sensor for Current Absorption

not_invasive_Current Absortion Sensor

The Auroras Wireless Current Absorption Sensor AU03-60A8E measures the current absorption up to 6 different channels. This wireless sensor is easy to install on a wide range of machines, supply nodes and a variety of tools. It’s not invasive, no modification is need. Auroras presents the Wireless […]

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Vibration: wireless sensor for vibration monitoring

Auroras AU03-55C8G (wireless vibration sensor)

The Auroras Wireless Vibration Sensor AU03-55C8G measures the mechanical vibration of the machine structure resulting from the cutting and axes movements process to detect missing tools, broken tools, axes faults and severe process faults. It can also be used to monitor excessive vibration on bearings or spindles. […]

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Wireless level sensor: multiple applications.

The level sensors are versatile and suitable for different steps of manufacturing process. They measure liquids,oil, slurries, granular materials and powders both in and in agriculture. They have very wide applications. For example: – Oil and gas. The level sensors are used to monitor the tank and […]

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Temperature sensor: the temperature via wireless.

Research and Market has announced that global IWSN market will continue to constantly grow from $401.23 million in 2013 to $944.92 million by 2020. In particular, the wireless temperature sensor is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 13.42%. (Source: Research and Market) Why? The wireless temperature […]

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Flood and water level sensor: the wireless control over the water

River basin, coastal areas or also your home. Here the water can be dangerous without control. Global warming is responsible the rise of floodings in most parts of the world. The high frequency and intensity of precipitation events cause economic losses (flooded fields and factories) and a […]

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